Dr. Michael Gillam

Medicine, Big Data

    Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP, is CEO of HealthLabs, a discovery automation company for “big data” and machine intelligence models. He has helped build and sell companies to WebMD and Microsoft and built a direct-to-consumer digital athletics company whose mobile app was called “game changing” by Apple and put in a commercial. He has served as a partner level executive in Microsoft and advised companies, health ministries and NGOs regarding their healthcare data strategies particularly in China and the Middle East.

    Dr. Gillam was research director for the big data aggregation solution, Azyxxi, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2006 to become one of their flagship products for healthcare, renamed Amalga He is a board certified emergency medicine physician who trained, practiced, and taught at Northwestern University in Chicago.

    He has written over fifty papers and abstracts, and has eleven patents in healthcare technology. He has served as Chair of Informatics for both the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Gillam is a judge on the IBM AI XPrize, was the chief clinical judge for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize, and also served as a judge on the Nokia Sensing XPrize. 

    Dr. Gillam founded and ran healthcare innovation labs for almost 10 years in Microsoft and in Washington D.C. and led projects spanning: predictive analytics; anomalous event detection; natural language processing (NLP); gesture based interfaces; de-identification; personal health records (PHRs); virtual & augmented reality; and medical robotics.